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Q. How does Krsor work? A. Krsor matches travelers with people who need items shipped. When Travelers (we refer to them as Cursors) enter their trip details into the platform, and Shippers enter their shipment details, they’re able to match on the platform to transact, complete the shipment, pay and get paid.

Q. What’s a Cursor? A. The word “cursor” comes from Latin and means messenger or footman. We use the capitalized Cursor to refer to travelers who enter Trips and transport items for Shippers. Any time we use the capitalized form of these words we’re referring to people!

Q. How do I get the Krsor iOS app? A. Getting the app is easy! Just go to Apple Test Flight at download the TestFlight app, and the Krsor app will be made available to you. We welcome your feedback!

Q. How do I enter a Trip? A. On the iOS app, once you’ve logged in you can tap the “Trips” icon in the bottom menu to begin entering your Trip details.

Q. How do I enter a Ship? A. On the iOS app, once you’ve logged in you can tap the “Ships” icon in the bottom menu to begin entering your Trip.

Q. How does matching work? A. We're working to automate matching, but for now: SHIPS: after you've entered your Ship, select your unmatched Ship then tap the bar that says "No matched Cursor". This will send you to the list of available Trips to select one right for your Ship TRIPS: after entering your Trip, select your unmatched Trip then click the "Add Shipments" button toward the bottom. This will send you to a list of available Ships to select one that's going your way!

Q. How do I know my Shipment will be safe? A. Safety starts with the identity verifcation up front through to ensure our users are who they say they are. Second, we use your ratings of other users to help users choose the right match for them. Additionally, we encourage Cursors and Shippers to continually vet their matches: Cursors should confirm items they're picking up are as described, and Shippers should assess Cursor reliability through communication, punctuality, and timely deliveries. Soon, we'll offer additional Authenticate features to help users strengthen their profile, like criminal background checks, driver record verification, and more.

Q. Can I ship multiple items at the same time? A. Yes! You can add multiple items with the same origin and destination to the same ship, OR you can enter multiple ships if their origins, destinations, or both, are different.

Q. What happens if I cancel my Ship? A. Need to cancel a Ship? No problem! We'll maintain your payment on your profile as a credit for your next ship. If your Ship was matched with a Cursor, the Cursor will be notified. We STRONGLY discourage cancelling Ships on the day of pickup!

Q. What happens if I cancel my Trip? A. Plans change, so we understand if you need to cancel or modify your trip. If your Trip is unmatched, simply cancel your Trip. If your Trip IS matched, the Shipper you're matched with will be notified. If you need to cancel, we STRONGLY encourage cancelling Trips more than 48 hour prior to scheduled pickup.

Q. How do Cursors get paid? A. When a Shipper confirms delivery of their Ship, the matched Cursor receives a credit on their profile. Cursors may cash out their balance at any time by going to Profile, Options, Payouts to process their payout through Dots.

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