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About Krsor

Make money while traveling. Save money on shipping.

What is a Cursor?

The word “cursor” comes from Latin and means messenger or footman. We use the capitalized Cursor to refer to travelers who enter Trips and transport items for Shippers. Any time we use the capitalized form of these words we’re referring to people!

Our Mission

Krsor’s mission is to leverage unused capacity.

We believe mankind can live more sustainably by thinking differently about how we use resources. Millions of cubic feet of cargo space is wasted every day. We aim to utilize that capacity to make every mile more efficient.


Our Story

Our founder conceived of Krsor at a time when he was logging numerous driving miles. His job was moved suddenly from his home state of North Carolina to Northern Virginia. Since he loved the job, he decided to make the weekly trip; six hours each way. This travel came at an expense, so he thought of a way to defray his travel. He thought there surely must be people who need things transported from his origin to his destination, or vice versa, and the idea for Krsor was born. He later earned his MBA and launched Krsor for the world.

Our Vision

A world that’s more liveable through efficiency, waste-reduction, and cost savings.

We owe our children and their grandchildren a cleaner, more sustainable and healthy planet. This starts today by using our resources smartly, and getting every ounce of value out of every trip mile. This means financial resources are also used more efficiently, preserving wealth for generations to come.

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